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Qubo Certification is always а fruitful event

Qubo Certification is always а fruitful event - intellectually, physically and emotionally! Our recent meeting was no exception!
An informative theoretical part is the mandatory base of all Qubo seminars.

We analyze the concept of functional training generally and its undoubted necessity for the life of a modern person. We substantiate methodically why we use of some exercises when working with Qubo, and why we reject the others. We consider how to conduct a group, personal or split training with Qubo.

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Qubo is a multifunctional equipment, therefore, a personal trainer, a group program trainer, and a fitness addicted person can find the information in accordance to own interests. We discuss particular cases when working with Qubo: how to facilitate exercises if you train beginners. How to apply Qubo in personal training of a professional hockey player? How to deal with Qubo, if you have special health needs or it is advised not to lift heavy weights.

Then the participants practice training with Qubo, which is also the most emotional part of the workshop. Oh, now it is getting hotter!! We learn consequences of Warm up, Qubo Functional, Qubo Balance, Qubo Circuit and practice even Qubo Massage. The participants have to go through all these training programs. Fighting weakness, the taste of triumph over yourself, balance and harmony - you experience the whole range of emotions that Qubo gives.

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We repeat the choreography of training several times to learn it well. We perfect the technique of exercises, add nuances and little things which make your workout with Qubo absolutely unique.

By the way, you need to squeeze Qubo during training. Do you know what is the effect? If not yet, then we are waiting for you at our next certification!
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