1 How should to prepare Qubo for training?

In order to prepare your Qubo for training, it is necessary to follow a number of simple recommendations:

  • For inflation, place your Qubo pattern side to the floor (logo side up), remove the plug and firmly insert the dual-action hand pump or air compressor with a special ball needle into valve housing and inflate to a height of about 10-1/2 inches. DO NOT exceed 12 inches.
  • Make sure the Qubo is set on a non-slip, free of sharp objects surface with sufficient space around you. There should be enough space to lie and make full movements in any direction.
2 How can I get Manual and DVD?

At the moment, Manual and DVD are available for certified instructors only. Basic exercises and training sequences are available on our web site and official YouTube channel.

3 How can I become a certified instructor?

To become Qubo instructor officially, you should complete a one-day training session and succeed a certification. After that, you will be able to conduct a Qubo Class in your fitness club. At the same time you will receive a manual, USB stick with a complex of exercises and subscription to releases of new exercises.

4 How long does it take to deliver the order?

Delivery time depends on the client`s current location and as a rule it takes about 6-9 working days. Please, pay attention that all orders need to be processed and it takes no longer than 2 working days. In order to check specific delivery deadlines for your location, please, contact our representative at you region.

5 What is your Return Policy?

Qubo3 is 100% responsible for the quality of our products. In case of revealing manufacturing defects, we guarantee replacement within five years. In case of any factory defects, please contact Qubo3 manager and receive a brand new article free of charge.

6 Can I change my order?

Yes, to change your order, contact our customer service team and they will help you to form the new one.


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