«We have developed new training formats based on global functional training experience, so that you can exercise with Qubo even more effectively»
Philosophy of Qubo3

Qubo3 traces its history since resettlement in space and time of experts in fields of fitness, sports medicine and polymer production. Initially, the idea was to create a product that would become an assistant for professional athletes during daily training sessions on balance and deep muscles development as well as trauma rehabilitation. We moved beyond our original idea during the process of development and created a more versatile product, which in addition to professional sports could be also used in daily activities in a fitness club together or in conjunction with other equipment.

Qubo has appeared as a result of collaborative work of fitness experts, sports physicians and enthusiasts from all over the world. We developed equipment, which allows us to reveal bodies` full potential, experience new feelings of training and strengthen muscles without overloading joints.

Based on 5 years of testing and feedback by more than 200 professional athletes (rowers, bobsledders, gymnasts, wrestlers, etc.) we have created our best Balance Trainer to date. Designed to meet the demands of high-volume usage in commercial environments, the Qubo Balance Trainer combines a fresh new look and updated features to be our most durable and user-friendly product yet.

To implement successfully Qubo into daily group programs schedule, we offer a ready-to-use program of diversified elements and combos, which are worked out by professional athletes with Qubo. That is why some elements of combat technique and maintaining balance through paravertebral muscles are seen simultaneously in one program. During that time, we began actively to develop our training program as one of the most important complementary elements of the product. Up to the present day we have created more than 250 various training programs, which as being a gateway from the world of the big-time sports, allows you to open something new every time during Qubo training.

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Add Qubo to your group programs

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