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What about Circuit training?


Qubo Functional Circuit Circuit Training

Quite recently, a completely new training program Qubo Functional Circuit has been released. Functional circuit training with Qubo is a great way to work out all the major muscle groups in a relatively short period of time. During the circuit training exercises are performed one after another, in a circle, and not sets, as usual. At the same time, one circle consists of several exercises, usually from 5 to 7, and exercises with Qubo can be performed either for repetitions or for a while. In this case, the rest between exercises of one circle should be extremely short, or ideally absent.
There are hundreds of reasons to love circuit training with Qubo. And here are just some of them:

You don't get bored!

The whole thing lies in the rapid transition from one exercise to another - for the time you forget about your problems, you will simply not care: the need to maintain balance will force you to focus only on body work.

Circuit training with Qubo burns more calories!

It is proved that the usual circular training, consisting of strength exercises, burns 30% more calories. And if you add to this a sense of instability and the need to connect deep muscles to maintain balance, it is obvious that the calorie consumption will increase even more.

Motivates to further studies

Believe that as soon as you start practicing with Qubo and see the result, you will want to practice even more and more. That is why our methodologists have developed several hundreds of different exercises, combining which you can build a new sequence each time, while changing the degree of load.


Recommendations from our experts :

If your goal is to get rid of fat and strengthen muscles

Lesson time: 36 minutes; 360 - 450 calories

In this case, your choice is alternation of strength exercises and cardio.

Perform strength exercises with Qubo as an ascending sequence. After each strength exercise, do cardio that matches your level of fitness. You need to do 3 exercises for 12 minutes each.

If your goal is to achieve relief

Lesson time: 24 minutes, 260 calories.

If you want everyone around to see your prominent muscles, then your choice is strength. Perform strength exercises with Qubo, each for one minute and try to do without interruptions. Each circle is best repeated 4 times.

 If the goal is to burn more calories

Occupation time: 30 minutes, 270-430 calories;

In this case, you need to focus on cardio. Do every kind of cardio from basic exercises with Qubo for 5 minutes (with low, medium and high intensity). Repeat this circle two or more times with a short break after each exercise.

Remember that even seemingly elementary at first glance exercises can give an amazing result. The main thing is to follow the technique and breathing, so try to focus as much as possible on the correct position of the body and working muscles.

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