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Qubo Balance training program


Exercise  with Qubo is a great way not for working out certain muscle groups, but also to enjoy such training and relax. When building this type of classes, in addition to the standard exercises for the functional, stretching exercises were also taken into account and some elements of choreography were added.
With this type of building a workout exercises are performed sets with a short break for stretching. In this case, one set consists of several exercises, usually from 3 to 5, and exercises with Qubo can be performed either for repetitions or for a while.

As with the Qubo Circuit Functional Workouts, there can be many reasons. And here are just some of them:

You definitely won't get bored

The whole thing is that during the training you combine different types of load. In the intervals between complex functional exercises, calmer balance and stretching exercises are performed, which help to recover before the next block.

Exercise on balance with Qubo burns optimal amount calories

Due to the alternation of different types of load training is the nature of aerobic exercise. During these activities, the body is saturated with oxygen, activates the process of metabolism. As a result of aerobic training, muscles are tightened, weight is reduced, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, endurance and efficiency are improved. In addition, stress resistance increases and the mood rises.

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