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Pentawards design of the year

Qubo3 is pleased to announce that the Q-Pad  has won the prestigious award at the PentAwards 2017 international design competition, which was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Created in 2007, the annual Pentawards competition is recognized as the most prestigious competition worldwide and is judged by an international jury of 12 designers with a recognized reputation and leaders of packaging design companies.

Q-Pad - balance pad, which was designed specifically for use both for sports and in everyday life. The effectiveness of the balancing pad is achieved through a combination of natural shape, unstable surface and compactness. Q-Pad is used to correct posture, strengthen the muscular system of the whole body and develop coordination through dynamic sitting. When sitting on such a surface, small muscles-stabilizers are used, which imperceptibly hold the entire muscular corset.

Q-Pad was no exception among Qubo3 products: methodologists created a special Q-Office training program for those who spend a lot of time in the office. The pattern of massage points, which are applied to the back of the product, helps to further increase blood circulation in the tissues and muscles of the pelvis.
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