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Why Qubo is a completely new approach to training.


Why Qubo is a completely new approach to training?

Qubo appeared on the fitness market relatively recently (only three years ago), but during this time has already managed to win fans around the world. Balancing equipment Qubo has no analogues. What is the secret of its popularity?


Qubo, depending on the type of training and goals (to lose weight or to pump the muscles of the core) can be used by both trained athletes and beginners. Qubo has a positive effect on the vestibular apparatus, helps to develop strength, improves posture, coordination, flexibility, strengthens the muscles of the core.

- Balance cushion can be used in pilates and stretching classes for a relaxing massage.

- Functional training can be carried out in different formats: individual training, mini class, group teaining session.

- In addition, Qubo is well combined with the main program, it can be used for exercises with a barbell, dumbbells, body bars, etc.


Despite the fact that the Qubo balancing pad looks unusual, it doesn’t require any special training. For example, the training program for the development of functional strength and balance #OliveRivolution is built in the format of increasing sequences, starting with a simple level and ending with an advanced one. The program consists of separate blocks of exercises, combining which, the instructor can independently build a lesson according to the level of training of their clients.


Qubo  trainings causes genuine interest among clients because they are effective. Modern simulators that provide correct biomechanics when performing exercises, which allows you to achieve tangible results quickly. However, the unstable Qubo surface makes the classes much more efficient, because, among other things, you have to keep balance. At the same time, stabilizing muscles are used, which are not worked out during regular training. In addition, bright equipment is pleasant and from an aesthetic point of view (by the way, Qubo is branded in the corporate colors of the fitness club - a definite plus in terms of marketing).


All products  are safe for health. The PlastiQ material, created on the basis of our own developments, has a number of distinctive features:  hypoallergenic, it does not cause irritation even when in contact with the most delicate skin. Moreover, the material has antiseptic properties. In addition, it is very durable and can withstand a load of up to 600 kg, and, accordingly, has a long service life. Back to list

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